digital pressure gauge ราคา & Hazard Control business boasts a successful history of responding to over 200 industrial fire incidents all through the world. Such success inspired a full line of specialised response gear together with excessive efficiency nozzles, high-flow transportable firewater pumps and displays, foam concentrates, mobile response trailers, foam proportioning systems for subject use and fire vans, dry chemical extinguishing packages and advanced storage tank safety. From storage tanks and pipeline emergencies to offshore platforms and vessels at sea, response personnel and specialized equipment stand prepared to respond to the industry’s worst hearth emergencies.
The front-line experience of the Williams Fire & Hazard Control firefighting group is the driving force behind the event of the THUNDERSTORM foam concentrates we use to help protect what matters most.
THUNDERSTORM AR-AFFF foams offer the industry’s best performance on both hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, and our application methodology, gear designs, and response success have all been predicated on that superior efficiency. Since เกจวัดแรงดันco2 to business in 2000, THUNDERSTORM 1×3 AR-AFFF foam focus has turn out to be the gold standard in industrial foam caches around the world in a selection of facility sorts, helping to guard uncooked and finished product in refining, storage, transferring and transportation environments.
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