Pump partnership lands first contract

A strategic partnership between Norway’s PG Flow Solutions and Germany’s Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH has secured its first contract to ship two hermetically sealed pumps to a newbuild LNG facility.
pressure gauge , which entails pumping lean amine, underlines canned pump solutions’ potential inside fast-growing green power industries,” said Erland Haugan, manager of PG Flow Solutions’ sales department. “The market is transferring towards more green power during which both pumping of CO2 in addition to auxiliary pump systems for hydrogen production come into play as key components. Here, a canned pump solution is the technically most most popular solution.”

Under the partnership, PG Flow Solutions will integrate Hermetic-Pumpen’s canned pumps into its market offering.
“The partnership with Hermetic-Pumpen is our response to increased buyer demand for unmanned operations, decrease lifecycle operating costs and green power pump solutions,” explained Steve Paulsen, CEO of PG Flow Solutions.
“The operational benefits of hermetic pumps are obvious. We are already prequalified to use the technology on unmanned oil and gas platforms on the Norwegian continental shelf,” added Haugan.