Netzsch Pumps’ N.Mac twin shaft grinder is designed to guard pumps and processes. Its’ cartridge is designed to offer simple servicing and maintenance.
The N.Mac Twin Shaft Grinder features modular assemblies and interchangeable components that facilitate universal elements servicing.
เพรสเชอร์เกจลม is designed to fragment a selection of supplies, and is suitable for wastewater treatment, biogas and biomass plants, food, animal processing, and other waste and industrial purposes. Available in each open channel and inline (flanged) housing construction. The N.Mac may be put in into influent channels, pump stations, upstream from a pump or whatever your processing wants need. It could be vertically or horizontally for hopper functions.
Twin shaft grinder options cartridge slicing knives for fast and easiest replacement and servicing and provides quenched lubricated mechanical seals as normal for dry operating capability. The mechanical seal cartridge design, a leak free combination of mechanical seal and bearing cartridges, also enables for fast and easy alternative and servicing.
For higher flow purposes, grinders can function in parallel, enabling partial servicing while in operation. The N.Mac may be mounted upstream earlier than the pump (inline model) or on top of a hopper pump with an auger (channel model). Grinders can be stacked for successive particle size discount. An elective control panel is supplied with an auto-reverse and alarm characteristic to retract jammed media on the same time protecting the motor.