Indian pump manufacturing company Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is now providing its self-priming (SP) coupled pumpset with the company’s new IE5 motor.
pressure gauge coupled pumpset is designed for handling light chemical substances, effluent, sewage, rain or flood water and dewatering purposes.
The IE5 motor achieves its high efficiency with an AC induction motor design. KBL said the pumpset is easy to operate, keep and repair as there are not any permanent magnets, added accessories or management tools.
According to the manufacturer, the IE5 strong design and high-grade insulation means it can operate under a broad variety of situations and withstand excessive power fluctuation, guaranteeing reliability, enhanced gear security and long life.
The pump is self-priming for a faster begin time, has a head range of as a lot as 32 m and a discharge vary of up to 75 l/s.