FCI offers move change to protect from dry working

Fluid Components International’s dual alarm FLT93 Series circulate swap supplies an early warning alert to the potential of dry operating conditions, cavitation and other pump points that can result in emergency shutdowns and dear maintenance.
The FLT93 Series flow change reliably monitors the circulate and temperature of liquids, gases, and slurries. – Image: Fluid Components International
FCI’s FLT93 Series circulate switch reliably displays the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, and slurries. It is designed for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, surprising reductions in media move charges can go away pumps weak to over-heating situations that shutdown process strains and require troubleshooting and fixing. The SIL2 rated instrument is meant for heavy-duty, doubtlessly hazardous process industry environments and comes with a comprehensive list of worldwide security approvals.
It has a no shifting parts design and presents a sturdy scheme for pump protection with its twin alarm functionality. With Alarm 1, the switch detects a low flow scenario anywhere between 0.01 and three ft per second FPS (0.003–0.9 m per second MPS). This low flow alarm is a pre-warning signal for the control system or operator who can then determine to maintain the pump running or to shut it down.
If เกจอาร์กอน occurs as a end result of the feed line to the pump is running dry, this would be an emergency signal to shut down the pump instantly as a outcome of the bearings now see gasoline instead of a liquid as a heat switch media. In such situations, the temperature of the bearings could rise very quick. Using a move swap prevents permanent injury to the pump’s bearings.